(Q) Linux with MCA ?

(Q) Linux with MCA ?

Post by Timothy Murp » Sun, 30 Jan 1994 23:49:45

A friend asked if Linux would run on his PS/2 machine,
and I rashly said I thought there might be a version that did this,
since I had seen remarks in various places about MCA machines,
eg something about IRQ's,
which seemed to imply that someone somewhere had Linux running
on such machines.

Was I being over-optimistic?

Timothy Murphy  

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1. MCA sysfs part V - update smc-mca driver (and updates to API)

This tidies up the mca driver API and places it into its own file.

The main part converts the smc-mca driver to using the sysfs probe interface
(and thus no-longer needs its entry in Space.c).  I had to rename the io and
irq parameters to be ultra_io and ultra_irq to prevent clashes.

I think this one concludes all the modifications to drivers of actual MCA
cards I have access to.


19K Download

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