libc 6 compile error

libc 6 compile error

Post by Vika » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install XFree86 on slackware linux.
I have libc v 5. I downloaded the linux-glibc version
of xf86 binaries and nothing runs. So I thought I
should update glibc. I downloaded the glibc 2.0 sources,
and got an error compiling :

gcc: Internal compiler error:
program cc1 returned fatal status code 6

Leaving me clueless. I even installed the latest
GNU binutils (v 2.9) as recommended. Still
no effect. Any ideas?



1. Statically compiled libc 2.2 using gethostbyname doesn't work on libc 2.0

Howdy everyone, got a bit of an interesting problem that I hope someone
can help me with.

I'm doing work on a linux based embedded device, which requires (due to
disk space) me to use libc 2.0 (2.0.7 to be exact).  However one of the
3rd party libraries that I'm using in the app I'm writing requires the
full pthreads implementation in libc 2.2.  To get around this I simply
statically compiled the app, and it *mostly* worked, except for the
gethostbyname() call(s).

I am debugging this with a simple test program that grabs the machine's IP
using gethostbyname().  It appears that while the gethostbyname() call
returns NULL for the hostent struct.  Compiling the test program on my
libc2.2 workstation (debian unstable) using the -static flag for gcc
(2.95.4 or 3.0.x) resulted in the program working properly on the
workstation, but not working properly (gethostbyname() returning NULL) on
the libc 2.0 system.

I've found reference to this from a while back at:

(or search for "BUG with gethostbyname()+dlopen()+static

Basically I'm stuck with using 2.0 on the device, and I'm also stuck using
the libraries that require libc 2.2 (unless someone knows of a libc
independent pthreads library that could be used under libc2.0?) :(  Can
anyone point me in the direction of a fix?   I don't have access to the
client source code, so I can't just rewrite the need for pthreads, or
rewrite the resolver code with my own.




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