My new bootdisk doesn't check extfs2 correctly, Help?

My new bootdisk doesn't check extfs2 correctly, Help?

Post by Robert Wesley Bingl » Sun, 26 Dec 1993 00:00:26

        I am having a bit of trouble with a new boot disk I made with
slackware v1.1.1.  I boot up just using my floppy drive.  The standard
boot floppy has be working without trouble.  I have recompiled the kernel
to use sound, and make a new boot disk.
        The trouble is that the new kernel doesn't recognize the extfs2
clean bit correctly.  At every bootup it says that the fs is not clean and
it goes through a lengthy check.  The fs is in fact clean b/c if I use
the old floppy it reports that is is fine(no check).
        Does anyone know what's wrong?


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