IDraw & libc 4.5.8

IDraw & libc 4.5.8

Post by Matthias Bruest » Fri, 21 Jan 1994 05:53:57

I have a problem with IDraw. I have installed libc 4.5.8 and now it doesn't
run, but says:

        Undef. C library functions:
                1. light C shared image (Use real one instead.)

If I restore it runs again. What can I do that it will run
with (I think it is from the archive image-4.5.8.tar.gz .)

        Thanks & Bye


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1. What is "light C shared image", or, broke idraw

System: Linux 1.0, gcc 2.5.8, 1.4.3, libc 4.5.19

When I try to run idraw or doc, I get:
Undefined C library functions:
        1. light C shared image (Use the real one instead.)
All the other X clients seem to work fine.

As far as I can remember, this started when I went to Running
ldd on the idraw executable gives:
        /lib/ (DLL Jump 3.0pl0)
        /lib/ (DLL Jump 4.3)

And ldconfig on /lib says =>

So what does this all mean? Thanks!


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