Problems with /usr/bin/lpf

Problems with /usr/bin/lpf

Post by Dan McGui » Fri, 15 Jul 1994 11:54:55

I have a problem with my /usr/bin/lpf.  It looks like this:

sed -e 's/$/^M/'
printf "\014"

Simple enough, right?  Of course the "^M" is a control character.  (I
tried using echo -n "^L" instead of the printf command, and still had
the problem which I'm about to describe.)

If I run lpf on two files, like "lpf <testfile >otherfile", it works
fine.  But when I run "lpf <testfile >/dev/lp2", the first two lines
of the file get cut off--they aren't printed.  When I use this lpf as
the "if" field in /etc/printcap, the first two lines get cut off, and
error messages like these appear in my "errs" file:

^Mshell-init: Permission denied
^M: Permission denied
^M: Permission denied

Here again, the ^M's are control characters.  I really can't make any
sense of this at all.  Is the shell trying to run programs called
"^Mshell-init" and "^M", or what?

If someone could help I'd appreciate it.

                           ~burning inside~


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