random crashes under 1.1.23

random crashes under 1.1.23

Post by Steve Greatban » Sat, 30 Jul 1994 22:32:13


  I am having real troubles with my Linux box which has started to
crash for no apparent reason.  Before I go any further, my setup is
as follows:

(i)    Gateway 2000 i486-DX2 50 with a PCI bus
(ii)   1.1.23 kernel ( at present )
(iii)  latest versions of bdflush, ld.so,
(iv)   recent gcc and g++ compilers and libc
(v)    XFree86 2.1.1 using the mach32 driver

There does not seem to be any consistent reason as to why the machine
is crashing.  The problem seemed to start after I upgraded from 1.1.0
to 1.1.23 - I got some kernel warnings about bdflush not running so I
got the latest version and all seemed well ( no other kernel warnings ).
This is all rather vague, but I'm totally stumped myself so no flames
please.  Could anybody suggest ANYTHING I could do to get a better idea
about what is going wrong - additional diagnostics etc etc.  My system
was very stable indeed around 1.1.0 ( never crashed at all with the stuff
I use ) and I am getting really pissed off with it at present.

Any help or suggestions are most welcome.


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But after issuing "rdev -R /dev/fd0 1" the boot disk is no longer usable. I've
tried it four times; once, trying to boot zdisk after "rdev ..." I got garbage
(actually 9 A umlauts) then nothing; the other three times I got a "not boot
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Does anyone know what's going on? Will it do the same thing to a zImage (that
wouldn't be very nice)?

Respectfully ...

Vince Fatica
S.U. Math

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