Updated libc.so version.

Updated libc.so version.

Post by Phil Launchbu » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 07:33:26

I am looking for an updated version of libc.so.4 I have looked on Sunsite,
tsx-11 & funet & I can't find them...
Any ideas?

1. Is it possible to build new libc and libutils to update version numbers on 2.2?

I have a few new installs/packages on the 2.2 system, and find a number of
warnings from time to time about incorrect library versions.

warning: /usr/lib/libc.so.3.0: minor version 0 older than expected 1, using
it anyway

same for libutil.so.2.1 , expected 2, using it anyway

So, is it possible to 'rebuild' these libraries - with the correct bits in
there, on my 2.2 machine ?

I know, I could just upgrade, but that's simply not possible in this case.


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