Subnetting on non-byte boundaries?

Subnetting on non-byte boundaries?

Post by Mike McLag » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 08:51:32


   I have a situation where I want to subnet on a non-byte boundary here.
We have 1 class C address, and I need to break it into 4 nets due to traffic
on each of them.  The docs I could find in Slackware with the Net-2 stuff say
that it doesn't support this.  Is there any idea when it will, or where I
could grab binaries/source that would work for this?


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1. dhcpd.conf subnets not limited to byte boundaries

I reciently had a HPC (High Performance Computer) delivered and installed.

I didnt check some of the networking config files and have subsequently
found myself out of favour with our IT dept.

I have a mac running yellowdog linux connected to a private network.
My IT department have given me a fixed ip address with a netmask
The mac is also connected to a cluster of power pcs through a seperate
network interface.

dhcpd was being run in order to boot the processors on the cluster.

My IT dept gave me a rebuke becase the mac was handing out ip addresses to
other windows clients on the network. (a subnet had : allow

I've now taken this out and grouped against specific mac addresses and
proved the fix with a crossover network cable and a laptop

I'm getting confused with a couple of points

1. Subnetting not limited to byte boundaries
Would the subnet be stated as with a netmask of

2. Should the cluster (on the second interface) be its own subnet?
Can it be in the other private address range through
IT are sceptical because dhcp is a broadcast protocol.

My IT dept want to give me fixed ip addresses within thier private range

I dont care as long as the cluster gets ip addresses so that they can boot
and the rest of the network doesnt.

Ive read the man page for dhcpd and Linux Network Admin guide but its a lot
of info, I need to get it right, and a little knowledge is a dangerous

So any help is appreciated.

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