Shutdown from cron?

Shutdown from cron?

Post by Steven M. Pa » Sat, 06 Nov 1993 22:37:08

I tried to put a line in my /usr/spool/cron/crontabs/root
as follows:

0 22 * * * /etc/shutdown -r now

It **DOES** reboot the machine, but upon next load, the filesystems are
mounted as un-checked and e2fsck runs.  If I shutdown from a root login,
I don't have this problem.



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1. Shutdown from cron?

I tried to put a 'shutdown -h now' in a crontab line for root, to no avail.
At the next boot fsck runs and there is no '/dev/hda2 is clean, no check'
line on the screen.

I tried to redirect stdout/stderr to /var/adm/messages.
This shows an error: 'umount: /dev/hda2 is busy' or something to that

Could someone please suggest the right solution for having a correct
shutdown of the system started from a contab line?
Thanks in advance.

Michele Marziani

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