Screen blanker (Black iso White)

Screen blanker (Black iso White)

Post by Marc Duponche » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 13:23:28

Hello Linux helpers,

If I leave my fvwm X session unattended for a while,
the screen blanks. This is of course OK.

However the blank screen is white and I would prefer
a black one ...

Is there any way to customise this ? I looked in fvwm doc
and didi not see anything special. By the way, *who* exactly is
it that blanks the screen ? is it fvwm ? is it X ?




1. Console-Screen-Blanking: black chars on white screen


I'm doing a lot of my work on the Linux console. Used to that good old
ASCII-Terminals I looked for a utility that would give me black
characters on a white screen. I found setpalette from Koen Gadeyne's
SVGATextMode-Packackage (thanks Koen). The following ioctl's along
with a proper setting of kernel_palette do the job:

    fd = opentty("/dev/console");
    if (ioctl(fd, GIO_CMAP, kernel_palette))
    if (ioctl(fd, PIO_CMAP, kernel_palette))

But there is one disadvantage: The routines for screen blanking simply
make everything show up with the background's color. This gives me a
blanked screen, which is really paperwhite :-(

Any hints ?


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