flex problem solved

flex problem solved

Post by Sujat Jam » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 11:27:32

I just posted an hour ago requesting help on flex not being able to
create lex.yy.c.  Well, the problem is solved.  It was DUH stupidity
on my part.  Should've checked before I posted.  The reason flex
wasn't able to create lex.yy.c was that there  was a file of that name
already there owned by root.  DUH!

Sorry for wasting the bandwidth.

Sujat Jamil                                             Electrical Engineering
Graduate Research Assistant                             University of Minnesota


1. Compiling Postgres Revisited (flex-2.5.2 doesn't solve)

Hello Again,

Sorry to be an irksome pain, but the advice that I have received for my
compiling error:

   obj/scan.o: In function `init_io':
   obj/scan.o(.text+0x134d): undefined reference to `yy_flush_buffer'
   make[1]: *** [postgres] Interrupt

Did not work.  I installed libfl.a version 2.5.2 and it worked fine i.e.
make check worked, it installed in /usr/lib etc.  However it did not
solve the postgres error.  This is the only compile error that I get
please help me erradicate it.


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