Summary: Xfree86 and PCI VGA cards

Summary: Xfree86 and PCI VGA cards

Post by Joachim Schneid » Sat, 15 Jan 1994 18:12:05


thanks to the people who sent me email after my former posting.
Unfortunately, there was only little reaction and hence little
information (maybe, this is because only few people already own a PCI

The summary:

ATI Graphics Ultra Pro PCI: This was the only solid information I got:

> Ich habe vor etwa zwei Monaten einen Gateway 2000 P5 (Pentium) PC mit
> PCI-Bus gekauft. Ich bekam eine ATI Graphics Ultra Pro PCI mit dem
> System. Obwohl sich in den Linux-Gruppen alle nur ueber mangelnde
> PCI-Unterstuetzung beklagen, lief mein PC auf Anhieb mit dem normalen
> ATI GUP - X11 Server, der mit Slackware 1.1.1 mitinstalliert wird.

  (For those who don't know German, translation by me:
   "Two months ago I bought a Gateway 2000 P5 (Pentium) PC with PCI-bus.
   It came with the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro PCI. Though in some
   Linux-groups people complain about missing PCI-support, my PC ran
   right away with the standard ATI GUP X11 server included in
   Slackware 1.1.1.")

Miro Crystal 8S: No solid information available.
  Dirk Hohndel wasn't able to say anything about it. I saw a photo of
  the card, and from this I got the following:
    Chipset:    S3 805
    RAMDAC:     AT&T 20c491
    Clock Chip: ICS 2494AN
  In AccelCards, there are cards showing this combination. I sent a
  fax to Miro tech support, but I got no answer.


Quote:> I just got hold of SuperProbe, the output
> from it is

> First video: Super-VGA
>         Chipset: S3 86C805, A or B-step
>         RAMDAC:  AT&T 20C491 15/16/24-bit DAC with gamma correction
>                  (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))
>                  (programmable for 6/8-bit wide lookup tables)

> The doco. for the card did not say anything about the RAMDAC, so I
> thought I should use SuperProbe.  I have no idea what brand the VGA
> card is, it is a no-name Taiwanese special.

This is all I got. So if anybody has got better information, post it


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1. Xconfig with PCI-ALI VGA-Card

Hi Linuxer,

I've got a little (big) problem with my VGA card and X. In the documentations is
no hint with which chipset it's working. Just the manufacturer is known - it's
Lava ALI and the card itself is a PCI-card. (With an older benchmark program I
got Ahead A as chipset, but I had no success in configuring it propper with
X_SVGA). Does anyone know, which chipset is the right one (S3, Acceleration,...)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Thanks in advance


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