Port Redirect for pc anywhere

Port Redirect for pc anywhere

Post by Michael Matzk » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am running a win98 box with a pcanywhere9.0 host.  My internet
connection is through a RH6 system running Ipmasq and IP chains.  I have
the following nfo from symantec:

pcAnywhere uses TCP/IP ports 5631 (TCP) and 5632 (UDP).

How can I redirect traffic through the Linux box so I can adminster the
98 box remotely?



1. forwarding ports for PC Anywhere

This is how I have been forwarding ports.
Kernel 2.0.35 with experimental options turned on and I use the program:

ipautofw -A -r upd or tcp port# port# -h x.x.x.x

I am not fond of turning on experimental options at a customer site.
Any better ways of forwarding ports for PC Anywhere.


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