/bin & /usr/bin Duplicate Executables

/bin & /usr/bin Duplicate Executables

Post by Andrew J. Pizia » Sun, 27 Mar 1994 22:45:24

   My /bin and /usr/bin directories share the following executables:

        basename        csplit          expand          last
        cat             cut             expr            ln
        chgrp           date            false           logname
        chmod           dd              fdisk           nohup
        chown           df              fold            touch
        cmp             dirname         head            true
        comm            du              install         uptime
        cp              env             join            wall

Those in /bin are "68K Blit (standalone) executable" while those in /usr/bin
are "Linux/i386 executable," as reported by file(1).  Since I currently have a
single partition for both / and /usr, is there any reason to maintain two
copies of each of these programs?

Andy Piziali                                                    |
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1. Duplicate executables in /bin and /usr/bin & what's wrong with SLS


(maybe stupid) question:

I've installed SLS 1.03. Is there any good reason why a lot of executables
in /bin are duplicated in /usr/bin? (They are not hardlinks, the inode
numbers and the sizes differ (the latter only slightly).)


P.S. I've heard many times now that SLS is buggy and even dangerous. Can
someone tell me anything more specific, please? (That emacs core-dumps
when X is not present I know about). If there are no great problems to be
expected in the future, I would rather not install Linux another time, now
everything starts going to my liking!

Again, many thanks.

Please reply to

Ronald Hesper

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