That L010101010101 screenful of trouble with LILO

That L010101010101 screenful of trouble with LILO

Post by Marcel Bernar » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 01:12:07

I saw some postings on this list about the L010101010 LILO problem.
I had the same problem but I solved it using another boot loader.
I use Snow 2.2. (Linux 1.1.58 + LILO-14)
I have been trying to track down why this happens, and I suspect
it's a obcsure BIOS problem in my Tulip DS 486-DX2-50 (TC-35 board)
I decided to junk LILO from my IDE 340 Mb drive and install Loadlin 1.5
from on C:\LOADLIN dir. My PAS 16 SCSI card has a ST1480N
425 MB drive loaded with SNOW 2.2 Linux and a CDROM on the same bus.

This program worked at the first attempt and is't a very good alternative
to LILO. I think it's even better to understand what's happening
and easier to configure _if_ you have a DOS system available on your box,
but doesn't everybody have DOS too on their box :-) Ah Well ...

If you use UMSDOS based Filesystem, it's probably the best option to choose
in my opinion.
Anyway, it was my attemt to work around that * L010101010 problem
when booting from my IDE drive.


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1. LILO loading problems L010101010101...

: I reran the lilo installer after testing out a new kernel for a few days,
: when I rebooted I got the lilo error L010101...  

: I looked in the lilo README about the error - Illegal command?  It doesn't
: make sense - I've been running linux for 6 months, booting from lilo on
: this machine (Gateway P90, Adaptec 1542, Seagate SCSI drive)

: Any ideas on how to fix this?  I've tried rerunning lilo, building
: alternate kernels, comparing the *.b files in /boot with another machine.
: I really don't know where to go next except perhaps swap out the hard
: drive or controller.

Is it possible that your kernel has been placed beyond cylinder 1024?  If so
LILO can't get to it because of a bios restriction.

Matt Dharm

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