directories for tftpd ?

directories for tftpd ?

Post by Mark_Bramwe » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 03:45:32

I have tftp running on an HP9000 but I can't sort it out on the linux box.

I am starting to think that the tftpd wants to see a sub tree structure.
ie:  maybe everything under /usr/tftpdir or whatever...

Does anyone know what is the inetd.conf entry and/or if  /  is supported or
a subdirectory.

I can connect but I get access restriction on everything, even files that
are world read/writeable.

The NET/Howto does not mention specific net apps and the man page was of no

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we are using Suse 8.2 as a dhcp/tftp - server.

We got no problems in the past. Now we want use
wol and start a lot of pc at one time (> 50).

While doing this, we got the message "tftpd: read: Connection refused"
in /var/log/messages and the pcs do not get the
image. Some pcs (about 5 to 10) get the image.

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