dial-ups: puzzling results

dial-ups: puzzling results

Post by York Lam - ACPS/F » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 17:03:34

I have tried out both getty_ps and mgetty+sendfax for handling dial-ups.
They both worked out fine without too much tweaking.  The only problem I'm
getting, from both uugetty/getty and mgetty, is the inability to log in on
a FIRST attempt.  That is, when  /bin/login  is called with a user id, and
a valid password is then entered, an error of not being able to "cd" to a
directory is reported.  A messed up directory string is displayed and the
caller is then disconnected.  If the initial user id string is not parsed
by uugetty/mgetty (ie passing NULL as userid to execl'd  /bin/login), then
/bin/login  ends up needing to get the user id on its own and the log-in
is fine.  Also, if the first password entry/attempt is invalid, subsequent
valid log-ins are OK as well.  Here, /bin/login also has to get the user
id on its own.  I've installed the new shadow package so  /bin/login
is no longer the old one from SLS, but it didn't help.  Does shadow
passwording have anything to do with my problem here?  I've tried using
uugetty and and mgetty on a VC (say /dev/tty8) and got mixed results from
the two.  With uugetty, the behaviour was the same as the dial-up's,
but mgetty worked fine.

For those interested in a comparison between these two packages, I found
mgetty+sendfax much easier to install (maybe it was because I had gone
through the installation of getty_ps first) and like mgetty's feature of
not needing the modem to be in auto-answer mode when waiting for a call.
I wouldn't want the modem to blindly answer a call only to find the system
isn't even there to respond.  mgetty's trapping of responses to commands
seems to be cleaner.  getty_ps had problems with my modem (Practical
Peripherals PM14400FXMT) when it came to trapping responses.  getty_ps's
SCHED string gave me a hard time and I got results that I wasn't ranging
for.   With mgetty, it relies on something like cron to create/remove
files to indicate whether to answer dial-ins or not.   This might create
some empty files in a already cluttered up directory (/etc) but is very
handy when debugging, and they don't really have to go there anyways.
getty_ps follows the S1/cua1 dial-in/out convention and I was finally
getting used to that.  mgetty on the other hand requires dial-outs to
be with the "dial-in" S1 and that was pain in the neck having to change
a bunch of apps to with with that.  As for the FAX side of things, my
modem requires 19200 for receive so that was the only significant
configuration I had to do.  Having a FAX modem didn't really give me
much of a choice but to go with mgetty+sendfax anyways.  Now only if
the log-in annoyance could be fixed...


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