SCSI cdom: device not detected and iso9660 not supported?

SCSI cdom: device not detected and iso9660 not supported?

Post by John J. Pri » Thu, 28 Jul 1994 21:52:47

I just bought a 16bit Future Domain 16XX SCSI interface board and an NEC
3Xp external CDROM player.  Things seem to work OK in Windows.  I compiled
Linux 1.1.36 and selected scsi cdrom and iso9660 support.  During bootup
I get a message:

scsi: 0 scsi hosts
scsi: 0 cdrom drives detected  

If I try to use the mount command "mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt" I
get the message "mount: fs type iso9660 not supported by kernel".  

Any ideas?  

Jack Prior

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Hey folks...

I'm new to Linux (but not to Unix -- 20 years experience
there), and am having a bit o' trouble with my Slackware 7.0
distribution.  The stock kernel detects all the SCSI devices
on my aic7890 controller (it's on the motherboard).  However,
when I compile my own kernel (with SCSI and aic7xxx support,
I might add), the SCSI devices are not detected, and
I get the VFS kernel panic, unable to mount message.

Is there anything special I ought to be doing to make sure
my aic7890 is probed properly?  Do I need to configure it
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bits I need to compile in?

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