How to remap a single key to a CTRL'ed key in X ?

How to remap a single key to a CTRL'ed key in X ?

Post by Holger Schem » Wed, 02 Feb 1994 22:03:11


I have the following problem:

I want to remap a key under XFree86 so that it is remapped to a
control-key-sequence, e.g. every time I press the 'a' key, all
X programs recognize it as, say, 'CTRL-z'.
It seems that this cannot be done with the regular '.Xmodmap' file
or the xmodmap program, because I can define what should happen when
I press <key>, Shift-<key>, Alt-<key> and Control-<key>, but I cannot
(I think so..) define that every <key1> should be defined as a

The goal of all this is to remap the 'Delete' key to 'Ctrl-d', because
under X both the 'Delete' and the 'Backspace' key produce a "delete the
character left of the cursor", but no key produces  a "delete the character
that is marked by the cursor", which is done by Ctrl-d (When I use the
.Xmodmap keysym 'DRemove' or 'apLineDel', it is only recognized by xterm,
while Ctrl-d is recognized by nearly every X program).

If anyone knows anything about what to do - mail me or post it, please!

Thanks in advance!


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How to remap a single key to a CTRL'ed key in X ?

Post by Andries Brouw » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 02:01:48


Quote:>The goal of all this is to remap the 'Delete' key to 'Ctrl-d'


Have you tried
        xmodmap -e "keysym Delete = 0x04"


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I would have thought linux being Intel based that the keyboard mappings would
work "correctly".  I have 4 linux books and none help me in this.

I have created a ".input.rc" which gets my full screen bash shell working much
better with home, end and delete keys working (I was following a poor example
without any explanations).  This stuffs up or does not work correctly in
xwindows, xterm etc.

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Can I up the keyboard repeat rate from the current snails pace?

Question 2
Surely I can download something from somewhere or get information on the
mapping of keys to "normal" PC mappings.  Unless linux wants to only attract
unix people it would seem to me that it will need to correct this problem....

Thanks for any help,


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