UltraStor 24F driver.

UltraStor 24F driver.

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 GW2K- 66E
 UltraStor 24F EISA SCSI
 Seagate 3600 500-meg disk
 8 meg ram
 1572f 15" monitor ATI ultra pro w/1 meg Video ram
 intel satisfaction 400 internal fax/modem
 laserjet 4* off parallel port
 scanjet IIc w/its "little" controller card. I think its pseudo SCSI.

 Description of problem:

 I grabbed Caleb Epstein/John Carr's UltraStor 24F patched image to ALPHA-pl11
and put it onto the Slackware 1.01 a1 disk. (I had to move a couple of files off
onto a 5 1/4" dos floppy then mount it and create links to the files. - floppy
disk space problems). This worked fine cause it now sees the 24F. I created the
fs (mke2fs) on /dev/sda2 and also created two 16-meg swap partitions (/dev/sda3,
/dev/sda4). This too worked fine. I then popped in a2 and started doinstall /dev/sda2.

Now the fun begins, a2 loaded in fine, NO PROBLEMS. I then put in a3 and hit return.
It stated loading in files ok, but....then the disk locked up, the led stayed on, and
the device driver spewed out about a dozen lines of info. It began with:

  SCSI host 0 timed out - aborting comand 0a
  06m: 0:5f280 ICM 0:5f280
  ultrastor ports: abort 4
                   abort 0

This went on about 3-4 more times before I decided to seek help.
The first time I enabled both swap partitions, the second neither swap partition,
the third time the turbo button switched to 33Mhz from its original 66Mhz, the fourth
time I booted dos/windoze ok then tried doinstall again from a booted a1, same problem.

Description of solution:


Is there a solution to this problem besides buying another controller such as adaptec?
That is NOT an option, I must work with this 24F!

 At this point, I AM DESPERATE FOR HELP! I need a patched image from someone/somewhere.




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Compiled the latest Ultrastor 24f driver (Version 1.11) with linux
pl13. Compiled first time. Appears to be OK however there as still
problems when using a SCSI Archive viper 150S tape drive. When writing
to the tape drive everything is OK. reading from the tape drive causes
the machine to hang after some prolonged (5-10 mins) usage. The
problem seems to be very intermittent. The driver does not spew out
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This new driver is supposed to work OK with tape drives but does not
appear to be reliable all the time. The same problem seems to exists
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