SCSI problems [Q]

SCSI problems [Q]

Post by Rob E. Pay » Mon, 16 Jan 1995 18:42:45

Hello, all,

I am getting the following error, and it is locking up my machine.
It seems to be only when I try to write to one of my disks.  Of
course, this is disk is /usr, so I cannot build a new kernel there.
I am hoping that the problem is the kernel and not a SCSI
disk/controller error.

Jan 15 01:37:48 thor kernel: scsi0 : reseting for second half of retries.

I have verbose scsi messages turned on, does anyone know of any
problems with the support of this?  I am presently running 1.1.18,
the version that is installed with the Slackware version that I
installed, and cannot upgrade to a newer version kernel with this
problem, presently.  Anyone have any ideas?

System configuration:

2 IDE drives (1-202MB Connor, 1-110MB Seagate), 20 MB memory,
486/50, Adaptec 1742, 1-270 MB Seagate.

I appreciate the help, thanks in advance.  



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