XF86 2.0 Mono/Hercules does not restore text mode on exit

XF86 2.0 Mono/Hercules does not restore text mode on exit

Post by Michal Szymans » Tue, 11 Jan 1994 18:27:02

I've built XF_Mono server with HGC (Hercules) support and it seems to
work while in graphic (i.e. X11) mode. Unfortunately it does NOT switch
back to text mode when exiting X11 (or switching to virtual console).
The screen remains hopelessly blank. The OS I'm using is Linux, pl.14.

Any ideas?

Michal Szymanski


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I am running X11 on a system with a Hercules Monochrome Graphics card.
Unfortunately when exiting X text mode is not restored resulting in a blank
screen. I have to reboot to get the proper mode. I recall seeing something
on this a couple of months back but I wasn't running X11 at that time and
didn't save it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem. BTW I am running
Xfree386 mono from the Feb SLS release.


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