/dev/eth0 doesn't exist

/dev/eth0 doesn't exist

Post by Mark Smi » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 05:29:20


I'm trying to setup my linux box on the internet at Cal Poly SLO via a
10BaseT Ethernet port in my dorm room.  The port has been verified to
work correctly, but for some reason, /dev/eth0 doesn't get created.
When linux is booting, it polls the card correctly, and it even displays
the Ethernet Hardware Address.  It finds it, and it even displays eth0
to the screen.  But when ifconfig runs, it gives me all sorts of errors.
When I look in the /dev directory, eth0 isn't there.  Do I have to
recompile the kernal do add suport for the Ethernet?  
   I'm running SLS r13 on a 486DX-25MHz with 4MGs RAM, 16MG swap, 200 MG
of linux space, and 100MG msdos..
   Any help would be greatly appricated.. Thanx in advance!

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1. /dev/eth0 doesn't exist


I'm running 2.0.30 from Red Hat. I originally installed Red Hat 4.2 but I
bought a new computer and had to upgrade my kernel.

I have read the Ethernet-HOWTO and recompiled my kernel several times but
haven't had any luck getting my card detected.

The card is an Ether16 LAN Card from LINKSYS. It's supposed to be 100%
NE2000 compatible. It is software configurable from DOS and I set it to
IRQ3 at address 0x340 and this works in Windows95.

Since it is software configurable, the Ethernet-HOWTO indicated that I may
have to do a warm-boot with loadlin or something but I would really like to
avoid that. I'd consider buying a new card before I would do that.

The symptoms show up when I run netcfg (the graphical configuration tool
provided w/ Red Hat). When I try to activate the interface (which is
otherwise set up properly, I think) it says:

Delaying eth0 interface.

I looked at the python source that the netcfg program runs and this message
gets printed out when the device being used doesn't actually exist. Since
/dev/eth0 doesn't exist and dmesg mentions nothing about ethernet cards, I'd
guess that it's not being detected at all.

I tried running lilo w/ various strings appended to it. Some I tried follow:
lilo ether=3,0x340
lilo ether=3,0x340,eth0
lilo ether=3,0,eth0
lilo ether=0,0x340,eth0
lilo ether=0,0,eth0

Has anyone experienced problems w/ my particular card?
Any ideas?

I'd be happy to answer specific questions. I could ramble some other things
that I tried too, but it'd probably be just a waste of bandwidth.

Thanks in advance.

Scott Wolford

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