Email: Difference between 'sender' and 'from'?

Email: Difference between 'sender' and 'from'?

Post by Darren Enn » Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:45:45

I am having some trouble with an automatic email list that I
have subscribed to.  It correctly uses my ISP email address
as the 'from' address, but (I think) may be getting confused
about the 'sender' email address -- it may be using 'root'
(which I use for my Linux sessions) and then appending an
automatic domain corresponding to the email list server.

I would rather *not* stop using my 'root' loginid just for
the sake of this email list, since all my other email works
just fine -- but this new twist confuses me!


Darren Enns



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What is the difference between them ? And does anyone suggest an xserver
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I have a Sony Trinitron 17"(Dell manufactured), Diamond Fire GL 100 Pro
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I would really appreciate it :)



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