Supporting Boca 14.4k Modem?

Supporting Boca 14.4k Modem?

Post by WEIMIN T » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 06:41:00

I am planning to install current Linux version in my 486DX33 with Boca
14.4/14.4 data/fax v.32bis modem rlogin to Sun Station on compus which provides
US Robotics v.32, v42 modem. I want to know whether this Boca modem is supported
by current Linux and where I could find the software (if I need some special




1. BOCA Sound Expression 14.4k/16bit sound


Has anyone attempted to get sound working with a Boca Sound Expression
combo soundcard modem?  I know it's a pain in the posterior under DOS
and Win95 and I was hoping it would be really simple in Linux! :)

At the moment, without any setup, I can get CD audio coming through it
while running Linux.  It's just really low volume.

The card uses software drivers in DOS and I don't think it can emulate a
SoundBlaster without the software.  Is this right?  Anyone have any
experience withthis card or similar?



UNB Electrical Engineering III
Linux 2.0.30 - It's a GNU sensation...

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