Need HW advice for Linux PC

Need HW advice for Linux PC

Post by itsm.. » Tue, 26 Apr 1994 17:53:58

    I am in the process of buying a new Gateway 2000 P5-66 system and
need some hardware advice.  With my old 386 I basically ran just DOS/Windows,
but with the new system I would like to experiment with NeXTstep, NT, Linux,
and maybe OS/2.  The following, somewhat long, message is a series of
questions about hardware to support the O/Ses listed above and about
supporting multiple O/Ses on the same PC.  Ideally, over time as I can
afford to add disk space and purchase the software, I would like to have
a system with a boot menu from which I could boot any of the above, and maybe
one or two other things that might come along. (Don't want much do I?)

I have OS/2 and have used its boot manager to support multiple partitions.
Unfortunately, it only supports 3 partitions.  Is there a boot manager that
supports more than this?  I believe that NeXTstep and Linux also come with
boot managers.  Is this correct?  Do any of these O/Ses have a problem being
in a partition and sharing a physical drive with other O/Ses?

The only hardware left from my old system is a NEC 3xe CD-ROM and a 16-bit
NEC SCSI card.  Will this work with each of these O/Ses?

Do you have any suggestions on tape backup?  The Colorado 250mb's are cheap
but slow and very low capacity.  The NEC SCSI card supports tapes so I was
considering a Colorado PowerTape 1100.  I have seen ads in Computer Shopper for
this drive around $625.  This drive will backup about 1gb with compression and
none of the partitions/disks on the system will be larger than that.  Is this
drive supported by all of the above?  What backup software would I need for
each?  Do you have any other suggestions that are not extremely expensive?  If
I decide to conserve funds, will the Colorado 250mb work on NeXTstep, Linux,
and NT?

The system will have 16mb of ram and a 15" monitor on it.  For the O/Ses
listed above, especially NeXTstep and Linux, which would be best, spending
extra $'s for 32mb or for a 17" monitor?

Initially, the system will have a 540mb IDE hard disk.  As I can add O/Ses,
I will most likely add a large SCSI disk and move the IDE disk to a secondary
IDE controller and boot from the SCSI disk.  Will the O/Ses listed above
support both IDE and SCSI disks on the same system?

For a network card I am planning to use an Intel EtherExpress 16 and for
sound a Gateway 2000 16-bit Sound-Blaster compatible card.  Should these
cards pose any problems?

Are there any News groups, BBS, WWW servers, etc that focus on supporting
multiple O/Ses on a single PC?

                                                        Thanks, Ron

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