TAMU Install Problems - No default partition

TAMU Install Problems - No default partition

Post by Dave Dav » Mon, 16 May 1994 08:30:04

I am in the process of trying to install the TAMU 1.0beta distribution (my
first Linux attempt) and have run into a couple of roadblocks.  I have read
the documentation, but have not found an answer yet.

The target machine is using two 1.2 GB harddrives (SCSI) with a BusLogic
controller.  The bootup after the TAMU boot disk starts up seems to be
searching for the BIOS on the controller, but returns a "BIOS not found"
message.  Soon afterwards, an Adaptec controller appears to be used as the
default, with the correct IRQ, address, et.al. that is actually used by the
BusLogic controller.

I re-partitioned the drives to allow 2 ~600M partitions and a 32M swap
partition on the first SCSI (sda) and 3 400M partitions on the second.  After
quitting the linux fdisk, the install program states that a default partition
is not available, "do you want to run fdisk now (y/n)."

Since I had already partitioned the drive, I marched on, entering network
info, partition info (sda1 as the linux target partition), etc.  When the time
came to start copying from the floppies to the hard drives, error messages
were displayed for each file - could not copy.  It seems that the target
location was unreachable.

After quitting the install, I manually created (seemly successfully) the
necessary the swap partition with mkswap, and created filesystems for the
other partitions with mke2fs.  The mke2fs command ended in what seems to be a
normal fashion (no errors messages).

Another attempt at running the install (with the TAMU boot disk) resulted in
the same failure when it came time to start copying to the hard drive.

I must be missing something extremely basic here, but my fumbling attempts are
not getting me too far.  Any suggestions or pointers to what I'm doing wrong?
All suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!



1. Problem installing TAMU on a S1392 SCSI Card

Ok folks, I am trying to install the TAMU distribution of linux on my machine
and I am running into the following problem:
     I get it to boot up the ramdisk and fdisk runs fine.  However, when I try
to do a /sbin/mke2fs on the partition that I want to use for linux my screen
fills up with:
Message aha152x: more data than expected (132 bytes)
     Anyone out there have any ideas on what is wrong?  I couldn't find
anything in the FAQ or the HOWTOs on this.  If you could reply to my email
address I would appreciate it.
     Thanks in advance!


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