SLS 1.03 Bootdisk problem (computer kept reseting itself)

SLS 1.03 Bootdisk problem (computer kept reseting itself)

Post by kc354.. » Sun, 07 Nov 1993 16:12:02


I have just installed SLS 1.03 from floppy disks onto my 386.  
At the end of installation procedure, I made a floppy boot disk according
to the instructions from the install script.    

When I tried to boot from the floppy boot disk, a message telling
me to wait for 30 seconds or press <SPACE> showed up.  Immediately after
I pressed the space bar, my computer rebooted.  Then, I tried waiting
30 seconds during the booting process, and once again my computer
also rebooted by itself.  When I tried to select a video mode during the
boot time, Linux gave me two choices both with 80x255 (the 255 is not a typo,
it is 80 columns by 255 rows).   The computer immediately rebooted itself
regarless of the video mode that I chose.  

Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem with the floppy
boot disk?

Thanks in advance.

Ted Chang


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I just installed the new SLS (1.03)  distribution and am having
problems getting my scsi disk recognized.  When I boot with the a1
disk, the scsi card (seagate st01) and the disk are both recognized
ok.  If I boot with a1, hit 'alt' at LILO, and type
'harddisk root=/dev/sda2', then the scsi disk is recognized and the
partition is mounted fine.

When I boot with the bootdisk, the scsi card is recognized but the
hard drive is not.  I tried using some other -Defined values when
compiling seagate.c, but this did not help.  Can anyone tell me why
the a1 disk sees my scsi drive but the bootdisk (made by a1) can't?

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Dave Pinkney

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