ConfigXF86 broke?

ConfigXF86 broke?

Post by Michael Mart » Thu, 27 Oct 1994 12:53:20

Slackware 2.0.2

STB PowerGraph and IBM 8513 (not SVGA) monitor.

ConfigXF86 has the STB card in its database, and I use VESA/Generic for the
monitor type.

Always reports no clocks, no nothing for the card.

Worked OK previous release. Any ideas?


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1. ConfigXF86 2.1 broken ?


I've read through the XFREE86 - HOWTO and couldn't find an answer to this one.

I've installed the SlackWare 2.1 distribution and want to configure Xfree86.
I'm using a Trident 8900C 16 bit VGA card (512K ram) and a AOC CM-335 moni-
tor. I use ConfigXF86 for the configuration.
After configuring the mouse I choose the Trident Generic 8900CL card (# 70)
and the VESA-generic modes monitor (# 1). For the other choices I take the
defaults. The program then calculates the available modes. I choose some
of these resolution and use the [t]est option. The program starts up the
X server and returns with the message "These are your available modes"
and then I get the error "cat : /tmp/2018.tmnu : No such file or directory"

Looking at the script tells me the problem is at line 1155
"echo "    ....." >> $PROCID.tmnu ". For some reason nothing gets in the .tmnu
file. I do not see any other errors.


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