network unreachable in SLS 1.03

network unreachable in SLS 1.03

Post by g.. » Tue, 31 Aug 1993 01:13:57

I've seen other people with this problem too. But I've not seen a
solution posted which works for me. I get the problem in
with an ne2000 ethernet card. I've read the FAQ!

any ideas?

many thanks in advance....



1. Network unreachable - SLS 1.03 - NET-2

I went through the latest version of SLS 1.03 (including the fixes put
in AUg. 12 at 10 am). This version installed flowlessly and went through
the menu driven network setup part. I configured all the files I could
see, host, hosts, HOSTNAME, resolv.conf, ... Everthing was working
before under SLS 1.02. When the boot goes through every external
route command gives SIOOO: Network unreachable error. I have the net
round before gateway... Can someone ship me configuration files that
work. I went through the NET-2 FAQ as well.


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