486 at 33 PANICS; 486 at 16 works

486 at 33 PANICS; 486 at 16 works

Post by H. Lawson Fish » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 05:37:27

I have a no-name clone PC with an AMI BIOS and SCSI disk. In the FAQ I saw
a note about problems with slow DRAMs and fast disks, which is what I have.
However, other than buying faster DRAMs (mine are 70nsec) there was no other
fix to the problem -- I think it's a DMA conflict.

Currently I'm running pl12 fine at 16Mhz, but I would like to go back to
something closer to 33Mhz without spending big$$. The system runs DOS fine.

I tried seting the BIOS to use wait states, but this did not change anything.

Any hints or suggestions welcomed! Should I go get a 25Mhx Xtal? Will LINUX
use wait states set up in the BIOS setup screen?

LINUX is great; this has been my only major block in getting the system up.
This computer is the email & Internet server for my kids' grade school. Once
I get my router working nueva.k12.pvt.edu will be online with 300 kids
exploring the net!



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