SOLUTION: Genoa Phantom 64/PCI

SOLUTION: Genoa Phantom 64/PCI

Post by Thomas Hub » Tue, 08 Nov 1994 04:06:22

Running XF86_S3 (3.1) with the Genoa Phantom 64/PCI causes many problems.

A (temporary) fix for this problems is:

- using loadlin (version 1.5) to boot linux from config.sys
- add some lines
      shell c:\genoa\sync .....
  before the 'shell c:\loadlin\loadlin c:\loadlin\zimage' line

  Get the sync parameters from the genoa utilities under windows.
- get a fixed binary version of the XF86_S3 from

Quote:>       ftp (login as: ftp)
>       cd pub/linux/experimental
>       dir

This will fix the problem, that after startx the monitor couldn't sync
(some cntr-alt-+ were necessary to find a working configuration).
And that after exit from X, the monitor won't go blank.



1. XF86Config for Sony 15sf & Genoa Phantom 64/PCI

Hi world!

Does anybody have a configuration file for XF86_S3 version 3.1 for the above monitor and graphics card?

I got X running with 1024x768 - somtimes (!!!) - sometimes the monitor didn't
sync. (It's a low refresh freq ~ 60 Hz).

I also have the known problem, that leaving X, the monitor shows nothing, but
I can bind input something like reboot.

If anyone could, help ...

... please post to this one any other of the comp.os.linux.* groups or send
mail direct to me:

Thanks a lot!


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