Samsung SyncMaster 17GLs

Samsung SyncMaster 17GLs

Post by Marc A. Chiari » Sat, 12 Nov 1994 07:32:47

Hi all,

Does anyone out there have some good monitor timings for the aforementioned model?  Also, does anyone have a list of the clocks that the Diamond Stealth 64 PCI supports?  And one last question,  should I just use s3_generic as the chip set in my card definition in the XF86Config file?

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1. Samsung SyncMaster 17GLs monitor setup (X)

Got it, at last.  Anyone setting up a Samsung 17 GLs feel free to
email me, and I will try to help you set it up.  Soon I will put
together an entry for the database.


   Howdy, Folks,

   Well, after a 18 hours of trying to set up X, I'm ready to seek help.
   Anyone out there using a new Samsung 17GLs?  Nice monitor, but I can't
   seem to find settings that X likes at 1024 x 768.  I'm using

           - ATI VGA Wonder XL 1.0 MB
           - Linux / Slackware

   Every reasonable (!) setting gives me either

           - ultra-low (below spec!) refresh (e.g., < 50 Hz)
           - partially scrambled image (at ~53 Hz).

   I believe I understand VideoModes.doc, and I've applied it using the
   monitor timing specs, but I don't get what I should.  I use 1024 x 768
   / 256 color all the time (in OS/2) with no problem.

   Help!?  Thank you!
   John Rulnick  

John Rulnick  

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