Errors installing Slackware Pro 2.1

Errors installing Slackware Pro 2.1

Post by Greg Walla » Sun, 22 Jan 1995 07:26:58

Help, please, someone....
I recently purchased the Slackware Pro 2.1 edition, and attempting to
install it on a AMD 386DX-40, (with 16M ram, 1542B Adaptec SCSI
controller, a generic "all-in-one" ISA IDE, floppy, dual serial,
and parallel adapter card, with 2 disk drive - a single Ide and a single
SCSI and an EXTERNAL 3x Toshiba CD-ROM drive-with the source "diskette"
images).  I've attempted each and every boot image, ('loaded', 'scsi',
'scsinet', etc.) and the COLOR144 and UMSDS144 root file systems, my
problem is at RANDOM times throughout the install process I receive the
following message:                                              
                        SEGMENTATION FAULT
Why, and what can I check/do to eliminate.  As I've said these primarily
occur during "setup", but I can cause it to occur at the root prompt by
simple typing 'ls -lFa'.....Arrrgh!!!

I've swapped external SCSI cables, eliminated the SCSI disk drive.  The
system was running OS/2 Warp and had been running OS/2 v 2.1, Ms-DOS,
and Windows Nt 3.1 Workstation WITHOUT any errors within the past year.
Additionally, I've actually seen screens of what appeared as program
code dump, i.e., register and code segment info.
Any sort of hint's etc. would be appreciated.  From what I've read about
the product, I hate to give up on it so soon.


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