Post by Tony Juha » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 12:14:00

I have a Tseng et4000 with 2Meg videoram and a SVA monitor.  my vga256
entry in Xconfig returns an error.  vga16 works, however.  Can anyone
please help?



1. Problems with link-kit and vga256.

I was trying to rebuild my X server to put PEX into it and ran into
a couple of problems..

First, I didn't have the lib/Servers/README file.. I found that and
followed the instructions.  

I edited the site.def file to only build the vga256 server, and removed
some of the drivers that I don't need from the definitions.. I also
changed the NO for PEX into a YES.

Then I goto the Servers/vga256 directory and do an xmkmf (in the cirrus
directory, too).  Then typing make gives a bunch of "Can't find include
file" messages.. NO problem!  I edit the Makefile to add the proper
include directory ( ../../../include was missing from the list.).  Now
the compiler works correctly..

Now when compiling, I get the following messages:

cir_driver.c:99: parse error before 'vgaHWRec'
cir_driver.c:99: warning: no semicolor at end of struct or union
etc..  (other cascade errors.)

The snipit of code around where it is blowing up looks like this:

#define CLDG6235_ID 0x06
#define CLDG543x_ID 0x29

#define Is_62x5(x)  ((x) >= CLDG6205 && (x) <= CLDG6235)

typedef struct {
   vgaHWRec std;
   unsigned char GR9;

Has anyone run into this problem before?  I really need to get PEX up
and running on my system soon!  If more info is needed, please give
me a ring.. I will be more than happy to provide it and to work
with you to fix the problem.  I am not a newbie at this, but I hope
it is something simple I'm overlooking..


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