Slackware give me segmentation fault when running tex/latex

Slackware give me segmentation fault when running tex/latex

Post by Steven Singlet » Mon, 17 Jan 1994 11:28:40

Subject: Slackware tex,*keeps giving segmentation fault
Summary: segmentation faults w/ tex &*
Distribution: na
Organization: University of Denver
Keywords: segmentation fault, tex ,*

Hi all you unix gurus.

I just got my feet wet with the Slackware distribution with only one
problem.  Everytime I try to run any of the executables associated
with the tex series, I get a segmentation fault.  I have the current
disks from (T1-T3) and everything that comes with the
std. distribution.  Any help would be appreciated.  (linux .99p14),
nothing special in the kernel.


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1. TeX from Slackware: Segmentation Fault

I have a 486/33 running Linux 1.0.9 from the Slackware disks currently
available at sunsite.  Problem: upon start-up, both TeX and LaTeX seg
fault immediately.  (This is whether or not I supply files to process
on the command line.)  I had them dump core, but the programs are
compiled without debugging information, so I can't provide a stack
trace either.

Suggestions and solutions appreciated.  Thanks.

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