Wanted: Xconfig for Mach64 and 1572DG

Wanted: Xconfig for Mach64 and 1572DG

Post by Rich Lenih » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 00:24:05

Has anyone set up X for a Gateway system using their OEM'ed
ATI Mach64 GX video card with a CrystalScan 1572DG monitor?
I understand that the accellerated features are probably not
supported but I can't even get mine to do mono.

Any pointers appreciated...



1. Xconfig and Gatway 2000 1572DG monitor

I have Linux installed on my Gateway 2000 machine, but can't seem to get
my Xconfig file correct. I have an STB 5430 video card with 1 meg of ram,
and a Gateway 2000 1572DG monitor. If there is anyone who can give me the
Xconfig info for either of these two I would be most greatfull. I have been
trying to get this working for months now.

Shane Ballard


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