Help needed!!! Kernel panic Problem!!!

Help needed!!! Kernel panic Problem!!!

Post by Scott Hinnershi » Thu, 26 Aug 1993 02:57:28

I recently have experienced a problem with my 486DX-33 in booting the
installation disk for SLS-1.03. After starting the lp polling section  
of boot which checks for installed hardware I receive the following

  Memory: 13544k/16384k available (664k kernel code, 384k reserved, 1792k data)
  nr_free_pages is 3385, but free_page_list is empty
  Kernel panic : VFS: Unable to initialize buffer free list!
  In swapper task - not syncing

At this point of course the system hangs and needs to be rebooted. I have
booted this exact same install disk on other machines without problem
making it to login. I suspect that the problem is DRAM related since the
swapper is having trouble initalizing pages.  I have had this machine running
this install disks a few days ago without problem when I had 20M of DRAM.
( Depopulated 4M Simms from upper bank to give to a friend in need who wanted
to run XFREE ).  Now my 16M ( 4 x 4M 70ns Simms in bank 0 ) of memory won't boot.
I have tried moving Simms around in bank position, run several memory test in
DOS, and adjusted wait states in BIOS to provide maximum timing for memory to try
to isolate if there is a particular Simm causing the problem. If anyone has
experience a similiar problem or has some other ideas ( In addition to buying
more memory ) which would help me pin point the problem, I would appreciate
input. Perhaps even I am off in left field and the DRAM is not the problem? I
should also note that I have been running DOS 5.0 and Windoze 3.1 without any
memory complaints.


PS: HARDWARE CONFIGURATION: 486DX/33, 16Meg (4x4M-70ns), ET4000 graphics card,
    and 220M IDE harddrive and controller.


1. help needed: problems with LILO, kernel panic, drive geometries


  I recently acquired a P166 PCI motherboard with on-board IDE
controller. I've been using a 486/120 VLB board with two drives, one for
Win95 (a Seagate 1.5G) and one for Linux (a Maxtor 5.2G). I had hoped
that simply switching the drives into the new box would be okay, but I've
got problems.

  The machine no longer recognized my LILO, so after much tribulation I
removed it via 'fdisk /mbr' and am now able to boot into Win95 directly.
Of course, that's not what I want to do. However, my attempts to rebuild
LILO have consistently failed. I can use my ancient boot/root disks to
get Linux 1.2.8 up and running, but for some reason LILO won't install.
I can run liloconfig all right, but no joy at boot-up, it goes right into
Win95. So there's the first problem.

  I have a boot floppy for my kernel version (2.0.29) but when I try
using it I receive the 'Unable to mount root fs at 03:41' error. This is
distressing, to say the least, and I don't know how to solve the problem.
Am I right in guessing that there's a conflict with the drive geometries
as reported by the BIOS (an Award PnP) ?

  Now, I've done some homework on Deja News but I'm not finding the
answers. Basically, I don't care at all about the Win95 drive, it can go
and I won't miss it. But how then will I be able to boot from the Maxtor
directly into Linux if I can't install LILO ? I would be happy to boot
from the floppy, but that doesn't work.

  And there's more. For some reason my CD-ROM drive (a Philips CM206)
isn't seen by Win95. I've upgraded my video from a Cirrus 5428 VLB card
to an S3 PCI card (a Diamond Stealth) but I can't retrieve the necessary
components from the Win95 CD. So I can boot into Win95 but it's running
in less-than-glorious 16 colors. I don't care for Win95, but now it even
looks bad.

  I really miss my Linux. I hope I can avoid a total re-install,
especially since my system is a real mongrel, so if anyone can help out
it would be vastly appreciated. Thanks !


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