Need Advice buying new system

Need Advice buying new system

Post by Stephen Champi » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 03:17:04

        I am currently running NetBSD 1.0 on an Amiga 3000.  I want something with
a bit more umph - 24 hour compile times are plaguing me.  I am a <insert a computer
subject here> student, and want to focus on OS and GUI development under *nix and
XWindows.  So, I want to run an OS that I have access to.  That leaves me NetBSD
and Linux.  Right now, Linux seems to be beter off.

        Anyway, I need some help figuring out what to get.  I need to be running
soon after I get the system, so I need to start with supported hardware.  But, I
want something fast, and have decided on a PCI P60 system.
        I read the HOW-TO files for EtherNet, PCI, and SCSI.  I have them for ready
reference, but am still confused as to exactly what is and isn't supported, as it
primarily contains references to chips sets.  That wouldn't confuse me except that
advertisers don't usually think you care about anything more than having
DOS/Windows drivers.
        Can someone tell me if the folloing configuartion will work, and if not,
what I can replace to make it work?

        P60 512k cache 4-PCI 5-EISA Intel Mercury, AMI BIOS
        Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI SCSI-2 FAST w/floppy
        ISA 16550 UART Serial/Parallel
        Quantum Empire EMP1080S SCSI hard drive

        I am not sure about Graphics Cards, but want a PCI card with a decent
        1280x1024NI in 256 accelerated in XF86.  Maybe an ATI Mach 64 or Stealth 64,
        now that Diamond is being nice.

        I am also interested in a PCI EtherNet card, but will settle for ISA for now
        if need be.

        I am also looking at systems from Zenon, Royal, and Maximus, but am unsure
of their Motherboard specs.  However i do know this much:

        Royal's system had 4 PCI + 4 ISA, Adaptec 2940W, and ATI Mach 64.
        Maximus's system has ATI Mach 64 Graphics, PCI SCSI-2, and 8 expansion slots
                (gee, they're real informative)
        Zenon's system I know gives the same info as Maximus's.

        I am really leaning toward the Maximus or Zenon system, and would really
appreciate any info on these, as well as the other systems.

        I already have the Empire 1080 and an excellent Amdek 15" Monitor to use.

        Any advice on Linux compatibility or general info on any of these systems
would be _very_ helpful.  Many thanks to any who reply!

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Hi all,
        I intend to buy a new motherboard and drive for use with Linux, this
weekend.  I'm looking at a Pentium P90 and a Gig drive.  Specifically, I have
in mind a AMI MB with 2-3 pci slots, a WD 1Gig eIDE drive and pci controller.
I also intend to get 8Mb of ram to start.

        I have an old 286 which I am upgrading.  It has a 14.4 Zoom fax modem,
SoundBlaster 16 w/ CD-Rom.  Microsoft Port mouse, and a 80MB RLL HD.  I also
have another 40MB MFM HD.  I have a Cirus Logic half Meg VGA card.  Eventually,
I intend to phase out the "junk," but in the mean time....  ;^)

        Is there anything I need to be carefull of when buying equipment for
Linux?  How much of this, if not all of it, will I get to work under linux?
And finally, is there any hope for getting an Irwin Qic40 tape drive working?

I appreciate any responses.
Mike Diehl.

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