Can anybody help me out ?

Can anybody help me out ?

Post by Mubeen Ahmed Kh » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 11:08:43


I am facing one problem. Although I have a three button Mouse but uptill
now I couldn't figure out a way to configure it to a three button setting
in Linux. Becuase of this I am not able to fully use ghostview or especially
XFIG to draw different figures. Does anybody know about this thing , how
to configure the mouse on three button setting ?




1. SCSI Time Outs? Please Help.

I have a segate 2 & 4 gig SCSI II hawk dive hooked to an
Adaptec AHA-1542

I'm getting the following warning when I run fdisk:

*the number of cylinders for this disk is set to 2049
*this is larger than 1024 and may cause problems with
*software that runs at boot (e.g., lilo)
        then when I format it I get the following errors about 1/4 through the

*scsi: aborting command due to timeout : pid 2276, scsi0, id0, lun0 0x0a 10
20 02 12 00
*scsi host 0 abort() timed out - resetting
*sent bus device reset to target 0
*sending did_reset for target 0
*aha1542_out failed(2): sending did_reset for target 0

I can format the whole thing in dos just fine.

If you have any suggestions or help I would greatly appreciate it.

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