FTAPE Problems: ECC-Failure in Segment >= 4

FTAPE Problems: ECC-Failure in Segment >= 4

Post by Sven Bil » Tue, 03 May 1994 18:25:00

Hi Folks !

I have some trouble using the QIC-80 tape driver on my Linux-Box.
Using preformatted tapes I can only read the first three segments w/o
errors. In segment four I have uncorrectable ECC-failures on _all_ tapes.
This does not change when I try several formatting programs under DOS
(And thats really boring). I have heard about different obstacles on
the way to a happy tape user, but this one seems to be my private
version. Does anybody have some hints for me ? Please reply directly
to my E-mail address, I can not read every single article in this


Tape-Drive:   IOMEGA 250
FTAPE-Vers.:  0.9.10a, 0.9.9
Linux-Vers.:  Ver. 1.00, 0.99pl14
Board:        AMD386-40 with ULSI 387 (thats bad, I know)
FD-Contr.:    On Soundblaster PRO


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dick -- http://www.nagual.st/ -- PGP/GnuPG key: F86289CE
++ Running FreeBSD 4.7 ++ Debian GNU/Linux (Woody)

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