internal modem with Rockwell chip using irq 5 does not beep?

internal modem with Rockwell chip using irq 5 does not beep?

Post by JyiJiin L » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 13:05:58

Recently I added a dumb terminal to my 486 running linux
0.99p113(slackware distribution). The serial setup is:

        /dev/cau0: irq 4, mouse
        /dev/cua1: irq 3, terminal
        /dev/cua2: irq 5, internal 2400 modem with Rockwell chip

Everything works fine except that the modem does not give any sound
when I use kermit to dial (command ATDT). The connection and transfer
of file does not cause trouble at all. When I use bitcom under DOS
with the same setup(com3, irq 5), the modem just beeps loud and no
problem was encountered. The serial FAQ said the Rockwell chip will
cause trouble, but I am not sure whether it's my problem, or the
problem of Rockwell chip. Does any one know what's causing this

BTW, the serserial(ver 2.01) command in my setup is:
  setserial /dev/cua2 uart 16450 irq 5 spe_cust divisor 48

and the 'setserial -ag' reports info. as below:

/dev/cua2, Line 2, UART: 16450, Port: 0x03e8, IRQ: 5
        Baud_base: 115200, close_delay: 50, divisor: 48
        Flags: spd_cust skip_test

I don't know if the Rockwell chip number will help or not. Anyway, it's:
        RC 224AT/1
        (c)Rockwell 89
        9206 A12774-2


internal modem with Rockwell chip using irq 5 does not beep?

Post by JyiJiin L » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 14:49:34

Sorry about my previous stupid question. I disabled the speaker
monitor(ATM0) before, and forgot to reset the modem. This is really
embarrassing.  I didn't notice that kermit does not reset the modem
after quitting the program.



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