PPP and frame relay via FRAD problem

PPP and frame relay via FRAD problem

Post by headb.. » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 09:42:50

I have a Dell Pentium 90MHz, 16MB RAM, 1GB HD.

The networking concept is as follows:
My Linux machine talks PPP to it's Fastcomm MonoFrad through a serial
port, and the MonoFrad talks Frame Relay (56k line) with our local
provider. I'm having all sorts of problems. I can't tell if my problems
are specific to the setup or to my computer being improperly configured.
If anyone knows where I can find info on this, or can help me out
him/herself, please please do.

jason roos


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I am going to be using Linux as a small terminal server for work.  It needs
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Bell Atlantic's solution is a cisco 2501 router, and a csu/dsu. (which of
course they will sell me)

Any suggestions on using a T1 speed frame relay card from Linux?

Ken Eves

emailers: please use the above address as the REPLY address isn't working

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