New US Robotics modem won't dial; browser won't find web pages

New US Robotics modem won't dial; browser won't find web pages

Post by Gibson Nichol » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 20:55:32

I've got a successful connection with my new US Robotics modem (model 6510B)
using the debug option of the dial configuration (in Red Hat 7.2). It gets a
good PPP
connection.  However, I can't connect using the
PPP dialer.  It won't even dial. How do I get the dialer to dial?

Also, even when the dial configuration debug gets a connection the browser
won't find any web pages (when I've connected using debug).
I've added the domain name server IP address to the configuration.  What
else can I do to get the browser (any browser) to find web pages?

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Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Halverson

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