ConfigXF86 problem w/ ATI VGA Wonder XL & Zenith ZCM-1490

ConfigXF86 problem w/ ATI VGA Wonder XL & Zenith ZCM-1490

Post by Douglas J. Seyl » Tue, 04 Oct 1994 05:26:44

I am having a problem getting my X terminal running. I am running ConfigXF86
as a user  since it won't let me run it as "root".  I can get through the
config script and pick the right ATI driver. The monitor menu doesn't list
anything that I can identify as a straight 640x480 VGA (fixed frequncy,
not multi-sync) like the Zenith ZCM-1490, so I pick the generic VESA (#1). I
pick the 640x480 mode with a 25Mhz dot clock, which should give methe required
~31 kHz horizontal sync and 60 Hz refresh. When I come to the point where it
gives the option the "tune" the setup, I see a few quick error messages about
not being able to find some of the temp files used in setting up the "tune"
option and then it asks me what mode I want to tune. Whatever number I respond
with hangs the script, and I have to cntl-z out of it.

I then copy XF86_SVGA to /usr/X386/bin/X and copy Xconfig.test from /tmp to
my home directory and type 'startx'. The program runs to the point of giving
me a screen that's about half height in the middle of the screen, and it
appears as if there are multiple screens overlapping to the point that I can't
distinguish anything. I can see that the mouse buttons produce some result,
and an F2 changes the screen, but I can't figure out how to get back to the
prompt and end up rebooting.

I suspect that the problem is just in the DBmode setting, but I've tried to
wade through the arcane documentation and can't quite figure it out. The
Zenith manual says:

Horizontal sync:     31.49 kHz

Active video time -- Horizontal:     25.42 microseconds
                                Vertical:         15.4 milliseconds at 640x480

Inactive video time -- Horizontal:     6.36 microseconds
                                   Vertical:         1.44 milliseconds

Any ideas?

Doug Seyler


1. Xconfig for Trident 8900D and ZCM-1490

I'm running Linux 1.0.9 -- I've been running Xwindows with a vga16 card
want to use GRASS which wants 256 colors.
I just purchased a Trident 8900D svga card with TKD8001 clock and I'm
configure it for XF86.  Below are the driver and monitor definitions I
in my Xconfig  The clocks I obtained from the driver documentation,  the
monitor mode definition from the Mode database.  When I try to run it, the
screen goes black and the system locks -- very tightly.  The mointor can
be run at the 25 clock -- it's fixed.

Any help or suggestion will be very much appreciated.

Don Hayward

# Graphics drivers
# **********************************************************************
        Chipset         "tvga8900cl"
        Videoram        1024
        Viewport        0 0
        Virtual         640 480
        Clocks          25.175 28.322 40.0 44.9 36.0 50.35 40.35 65.0 75.0
        Modes           "640x480"

# Video Card Name:      Trident Generic 8900CL/D

# Monitor Definition
# Monitor Name:         ZCM-1490 Zenith flat screen VGA fixed sync
        "640x480"  25.175 640 664 760 800 480 491 493 525

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