Problem with dip-3.3.7-lilo-3.2 under Linux 1.0.0

Problem with dip-3.3.7-lilo-3.2 under Linux 1.0.0

Post by Jerry Cab » Wed, 11 May 1994 12:18:08

I am having a problem with dip-3.3.7-lilo. I am able to successfully connect
with my SLIP host without any problem, but the script which DIP spawns for
executing ifconfig and route "hangs", without fail. A quick "ps" shows the
shell spawned by DIP, apparently in a sleep mode. I can manually execute the
ifconfig and route commands, but would obviously like to have DIP do this
automatically. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? BTW, I have the
mode of DIP set to 6750, the owner is root and the group is dip. Thanks!


P.S. I did remember to include the "default" command in the DIP script.


1. DIP-3.3.7-uri (was Re: Bizzare DIP/CSLIP problem

Please try my modification to DIP-3.3.7.
It's in

I've fixed a few bugs, and added "netmask"
and "default" commands (or fixed "default" - I don't remember).
The gist is - I'm able to run Compressed SLIP with 0.99.15a
kernel. There's an example of how to use those additional
commands in the sample... Oh, I've added "quit" command,
so if it quits in the middle of attempting to establish
the link - you still are able to use your serial port
without rebooting the whole box (:-).

Dip  handles  the  connections needed for dialup IP links,
like SLIP or PPP. It can handle both incoming and outgoing
connections,  using password security for incoming connec-
tions.  The outgoing connections use the system's  dial(3)
library if available.

This version of DIP handles only SLIP and Compressed SLIP.



PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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