Xwindows won't start anymore

Xwindows won't start anymore

Post by Jonathan Foa Augu » Fri, 05 Aug 1994 00:53:37

I just installed Linux off the Slackware Pro 2.0 distribution, and
I configured the video card and my mouse and I ran startx, and X windows
came up just fine, but then I exited, and now it says:
Waiting for X server to shut down

xinit: Unknown error (errno 0):  Client Error

And it doesn't come up. . . .
I called tech support at Morse Communications, and the technician
said that there should be a file in /tmp called xinitlock or something
to that affect, but we were unable to locate it.  Has anyone else
had this problem, and/or know of a solution.
I tried rebooting, and even re-installing the XFree86 portions, and now
I am completely unable to start X with either xinit or startx.

       Please email any response to me as well as posting here,
       as my email is much easily accessed. . .
                     Thanks in advance,
                              -Jonathan August


                 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


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Just recopiled my kernel (2.0.34) all was well but i have my system setup
for a X login screen, as it gets to this the screen just flashes and the
only way to get out is resetting the machine! Key presses don't respond.
So.....as i was testing this kernel it was on a floppy. (lucky me eh) i
changed /etc/inittab so default runlevel was 2 (SuSE 5.2) so X wouldn't
attempt to start, boots fine to the login prompt but X still won't start. It
complains about no mouse being configured, i suppose this is the problem OR
is it???

I only wanted to add PPP support, my kernel was fine as it was. Is there
anyway of recompiling the kernel keeping the existing configuration but just
adding PPP? by doing make xconfig or whatever it seems to start with default
values, is this true?

I hope someone will assist..i have learnt so much in the last few days about
Linux and i am hungry for more!!! More Linux YAY!


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