Serial GETTY problem

Serial GETTY problem

Post by Mike Ing » Sun, 12 Sep 1993 15:00:14

I'm having a problem with GETTY on a serial port. I removed the comment-out
for the line

6:respawn:/bin/getty 9600 ttyS0
(this part may not be verbatim from the file, but the /bin... is)

in inittab, and when the system boots up, it gives a login prompt on the
terminal plugged into com1. I can login okay, but when I logout, the login
prompt does not reappear. I tried running GETTY directly from the shell, and
it terminates immediately. This seems to indicate INIT is spawning GETTY but
GETTY is dying. Any ideas as to why it won't re-initialize?

What's the difference between ttyS0 and ttys0?


1. Serial getty problem.

Using SLS 0.99-2, a port with a 16550AFN, and a 2400 baud Hayes-compatible
modem, I'm unable to get legible text after connecting.

I have the modem configured with AT&C1&D2E0Q1X4S0=1&W.  Both ends connect
at 2400.  My /etc/inittab line specifies /bin/getty ttyS1 2400,1200,300.
I've tried connecting with 7-Space-1, 7-Even-1, and 8-None-1.  After I hit
Enter, I get garbage.  What's up?

Shawn P. Stanley               +1 612 929 5181

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