Ethernet Card Timeouts during Boot

Ethernet Card Timeouts during Boot

Post by James Bielm » Wed, 14 Dec 1994 12:41:10

OK. Here's the situation:

My Computer:

        HP Vectra 486s/20 PC
        HP Ultra VGA
        Some HP Ethernet Card...(?)

The problem is, I have to remove the Ethernet Card to get the machine
to boot. The error looks like this:

        <NULL>: retry #xxx on send PCB
        timeout at 3c505.c(268)
        timeout at 3c505.c(268)
        timeout at 3c505.c(268)
        timeout at 3c505.c(268)
        timeout at 3c505.c(268)
        (tries again, and again, and again...)

I really don't know much about the Ethernet card, I got the machine
for free...didn't get that kind of info on it. HP says
on one chip. Part # is 0993  27247-80003  Rev: A

It boots when the card isn't in, so it obviously can *find* it...

Thanks a whole heaping bunch.

-=- James -=-


1. Ethernet Card Timeouts at Boot

OOoohh, bad... the 3c505 driver must have mistakenly decided that it found a
card.  I didn't write the 3c505 driver, so It's Not My Fault.

Scan the boot-time messages to see what's going on.
Perhap you should try moving the card's base I/O address or compiling a
kernel without 3c505 support.

It's a 27247A -- should be supported.


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