Using EIDE in T4900CT laptop

Using EIDE in T4900CT laptop

Post by David E. Fann » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 07:34:55

Is it OK to use the EIDE drive in the Toshiba Laptops
for Linux and DOS?

I was able to make two part-ions, hda1 (250m) and hda2 (525m), using
hda1 for DOS. I had no problem loading linux, lilo, etc,
and getting the whole thing working, including
running of an X server.  The DOS "TSETUP" command was set
to use EIDE and a CPU cache write-back option.

Then I loaded the kernel source (1.1.59) to try to recompile
the kernel to help with a mouse problem. But I ran into some
major system problems that appear to be flaky  hardware problems
when running gcc or related programs.  I then found a number of missing
files in the linux source.  I then changed the
CPU cache write-back option to "disable", and rebooted.
This allowed the reloading of the kernel source to work OK, and
the missing files were loaded correctly. However, the BogoMips rating
dropped to 3 from 30!  additionally, the kernel source will
still not compile, and the gcc compiler would crash.
I am not including the error messages, as they were long, and
not particularly enlightening, but it appears to be a hardware
and/or disk controller problem.

I did try to TSETUP the disk to IDE mode, but then lilo wouldn't boot.

I am going to try the suggestions in EIDE.txt to see
if this will help, but I wanted to see
if anyone had already configured a T4900CT for linux/DOS,
or was running into this problem with the Toshiba.

My configuration is shown below.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


Dave fannin

pacific bell


Toshiba T4900CT Laptop (Pentium)
24M memory
EIDE Drive (880 Mbytes)
Display Color LCD (C&T 65xxx driver)
PCMCIA slots (2)
Accupoint Mouse (fingertouch mouse in keyboard)
Slackware 2.1 Pro w/IDE kernel (1.1.59)
/dev/mouse set to "/dev/psaux"
XFree86 3.1 (Server is 3.1.1 SVGA)


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